About us

The Emabo company was established in 1999, and it deals with broadly-defined plastics processing. Our core business activity are services related to separation, crushing, grinding, pulverisation and granulating of plastic materials and the production of plastic-based boards. We process and provide services related to the processing of PVC, PP, PE, PA, PS, ABS, POM, PBT, PMMA, PC and SBS.

The mission of our company is to identify and use multi-material raw products in the framework of broadly-defined recycling. In 2012, our company entered into the recyclers’ database of a European organisation - Recovinyl. It is an organisation that was initiated by the European PVC industry. Its purpose was to recover and reprocess the highest possible amount of PVC. In 2013, we obtained the Recovinyl Advanced Certificate, and presently, this is the highest level of recyclers’ certification in Europe.

We cooperate with Certes laboratory and with scientific facilities belonging to various universities. Emabo Waldemar Ślebioda cooperates with The Entrepreneurs’ Club of the Grodziski District. Our work also serves the local community since we support, among others, schools, preschools and voluntary fire brigades in our district. We enjoy the fact that our work is appreciated, as evidenced by many awards and prizes that we are very proud of.


Certifications, awards, distinctions
We are proud of our achievements

Certyfikat Recovinyl Advanced

In 2013 we obtained the Certificate of Advanced Recovinyl, and now we aim to achieve the level of Eucerplast. It is currently the highest level of certified recyclers in Europe.

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Support among other things schools

We are delight that our effort is appreciate. We had got many distinctions and awards of which we are very proud.

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Awards and prizes

Our work helps local community. We support schools, nursery schools and territorial fire-brigades in our district.

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